About Kavana Homes, Inc.
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Peter Vana, the founder of Kavana Homes, Inc. (home builders in Hawaii big island), was born and raised right here in the Hilo.   He studied Architectural Engineering at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and began his career in construction in 1970.  His specialty is building single family homes of the finest quality designed to fit today's lifestyle and budgets.  Our kit homes include everything at one affordable price, be sure to check out our floor plans and prices.

With over 25 years of building experience, Peter understands what is necessary to satisfy his customers, which makes him stand out among home builders in Hawaii.   Peter's philosophy is simple:   provide the home owner with an exceptional home, and do it at an affordable price.  A long list of customer referrals is provided.

Among the reasons we can keep our prices so reasonable is that we use the most modern construction methods.  Additionally most of the crew have worked together since the company was started and understand the value of teamwork.  Also we use standard windows, blinds doors, lighting & standard windows, plumbing fixtures, exterior siding, roofing material. 

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Reasons to Select Kavana Homes, Inc.

We're Affordable Kavana Homes are affordable.  Prices start at $188,500 for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home (see what’s included in the price).  See typical floor plans.
Kavana Homes is an established company. We have a 25 year history as home builders in Hawaii. The majority of home builders in Hawaii big island are small companies who complete several homes each year. Peter Vana has been our general contractor since the beginning and has from 10-20 houses in process typically.  His license is BC 11686.  Our Dunn&Bradstreet credit rating is excellent. We've even been written up in the local paper, see article
General Contractor is personally involved in each construction project. Home builders in Hawaii often delegate the field work to a foreman, and are not personally aware of the details of each project.  Peter keeps close control over each project and is always available to our clients during the construction process.  He does much of the building site preparation such as bulldozing and hauling and spreading rock and gravel.  He personally coordinates directly with the job foreman and the subcontractors.   Be sure to ask other home builders in Hawaii if they do this, too.
Fixed price contract with a guaranteed completion date. If we run into any unanticipated costs, we DO NOT pass them onto our customers.  Period.  We guarantee the completion date (assuming there are no delays by your lender), currently 120 working days (that’s about 6 calendar months), beginning from the date the building permit is issued and the funds available.   Ask other home builders in Hawaii if this is their practice.
You can still do some of the work and save money.  Some of our customers have the skills to do painting, flooring, finish carpentry, etc.  In that case, we'll set up allowances in the contract for those items.  Other home builders in Hawaii may not be so flexible, so check references.        
Model home in Hilo is open to inspect our work.  No other general contractor of home builders in Hawaii has built a home to use exclusively as a model of the quality of work performed.  Our model, built in 1988, is open for you to see the quality homes we build.

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